The Bible and the College Professor

The Bible and the College Professor

It just takes a little common sense for a person to realize that the Bible has to be the inspired word of God. One good reason is that this “Good Book” stated many scientific facts before mankind knew that there was such a thing as science.

I have great respect for science the word itself means “to know”, and anything scientists “know” always agrees with the Bible

Here is just one: For hundreds of years men agreed with Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727). He was recognized as a great scientist and philosopher. He was convinced that “we” got our “light” from the sun and other heavenly bodies (such as moon, stars, etc.). And most, if not all, of the “educated” world said. “Old Newt is right—our light comes from the sun and other shiny things in the sky. This is the source of light.”

Now that our scientists know a little more about such things, apparently all agree that there was a great “source of light” in the universe before the sun came into existence. That was considered a great discovery! There are a few different “theories” about this great light (remember that a theory is just a guess and not a fact). But most agree that this great light did exist before the sun.

Picture this: A college professor was giving his favorite theory about the light. He finished his lecture by saying. “Well, that just disproves the old Bible idea that the sun is the source of light! In fact, it proves the Bible to be out of date!”

There was a young man in his class named George DeHoff that asked a very familiar question—“Where does the Bible say that?” The good professor said. “Well, I don’t know but everybody knows that it does.”

George took a Bible (I guess from his brief case), passed it up the row, and asked his professor to read from Genesis 1:1-3. The professor learned that the first words that God spoke were “let there be light”. The young student asked the professor to read Genesis 1:14-19, and it told that 4 creation days later God made the sun.

I must give the professor credit for being honest because when he realized that the Bible was right up to date. He said. “Well, the Bible just made a jackass out of me.”

George said later that he agreed with the professor, but since grades hadn’t come out yet he did not tell him so.

Since I don’t have any grades to be posted, I can say it. For over 60 years, I’ve noticed that when anyone goes up against the Bible they experience the same results as the college professor.

Common Sense: Moses wrote that thousands of years before man even thought about it. Let’s not be completely stupid! Moses gave an up to date scientific fact when no one else “knew”. I would just like for more people to know—There is no other book in the world like the Bible. It is the only book inspired of God.

Thanks for reading and God bless!

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