One Blood

One Blood

If my memory serves me correctly, I believe it was in 1958 that I was hospitalized in a military hospital—Castle Air Force Base Merced, California. The problem was ‘loss of blood’ (service connected) so they took good care of me. I can’t remember how many days or how much blood they gave me. I do remember that I was hooked up to IV’s in both arms for several days (boring)—no solid food, just “food” from the IV’s.

The doctor would come in every morning, examine me, and order another unit of blood. I was a S/SGT, and the good doctor was a Captain with bright shiny new captain’s bars. Now I could have been wrong—I was young and maybe I was mistaken—but I thought he had quite a superiority attitude. As the young people say today—“whatever”. But one day I decided to take a little “wind out of his sails”. Sure enough, the next morning he ordered another unit of blood, and I asked a question that seemed to surprise him that I even knew such a fact.

The question was. “Doctor how long has the medical profession known that all men have the same blood?” He looked surprised and answered. “Why that’s very recent—I’d say within the last 50 years.” (about 100 years ago now)

I told him that seems strange to me because I’ve got an old manuscript here (and I pointed to the night stand beside my bed) that had that fact written down about 2,000 years ago.

Now the humorous part is I wasn’t bored that morning. In the one and only drawer, I had several get well cards and letters from well wishers, etc. He didn’t ask permission—he whirled around and started looking.

I really think I could read his mind. He was looking for some real old paper that had recorded that 2000 years ago, and could shake the medical world! Maybe he was thinking he could write an article and get credit for a great discovery.

Picture this—the cards and letters were all jumbled up, but there was a small New Testament on the top of the heap. He just hurriedly laid that aside, and looked at all the rest. When he had examined everything else, he looked over at the New Testament (G.I. Issue) and handed it to me and asked. “Is this what you are talking about?” I turned to Acts 17:26. “And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth…”

After he read the scripture, he nodded his head in agreement and walked out without comment. Oh yes, I wanted to ask him. “How come it took you boys so long to figure that one out?” But he was the Captain and I was the S/SGT so I held back on that and let him leave with his thoughts whatever they may have been.

But I will ask you—If God did not give Paul this information, How did he know? No one else knew for centuries!

Personal note: You may wonder if I believe the “one blood” statement. A few years after, I was a civilian and had the old bleeding problem come back on me again. This time I nearly bled to death in my sleep. The nearest little country hospital had a run on O-negative blood the day before. The doctor said O-negative and now or I was going to die. The man who gave me the blood was a black man doing time in the state pen. (that’s a story in itself)

I’m thankful that God made all men of “one blood”, and I’ve thanked God for that black man many times and do right now.

Thanks for reading and God bless!

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