History Does Repeat Itself!

History Does Repeat Itself!

The Bible, that “Grand Old Book”, gives us a true history of man from the Garden of Eden down to our present time.  When we read, one thing becomes apparent—history does repeat itself!

We see time and time again that God’s chosen people remained faithful for a period of time; then they would disregard God’s word and become unfaithful to a point where you could hardly recognize them as “God’s chosen people”.

Now, people let’s wake up—whose fault was that?  Read Ezekiel 34—especially verses 7-10.  God’s people were led astray by the “big shots”—sometimes called prophets, rulers, priests, or shepherds.  What we call the “rank and file”, the average member, did not cause Israel to sin!  It was the leaders of the people.

History is repeating the same situation today.  I certainly know that we have good and honest people in every denomination.  They want the truth.  We find the “big shots” are the ones creating the division in the Christian world.  It is not the humble, caring, average members who create the problems.

When someone graduates from a religious school and is given a PhD, he becomes one of the “big shots”.  If he graduates from a Baptist school, he preaches the Baptist doctrine the rest of his life.  If he graduates from a Methodist school, he preaches the Methodist doctrine all of his life.  And so it goes with all the religious schools I’m familiar with.

But God be thanked that there are people who don’t care about the denominational teachings, but just want to know what the Bible teaches on any subject.  In your community these honest people may be in the minority, but God has always had a remnant (a few that are looking for the inspired truth).

Example:  I’ve already given you this example in a previous article what the “big shot” Jerry Falwell said about Acts 2:38—He said in writing.  “That the Apostle Peter should not have used the word baptize in connection with the forgiveness of sins.”  How presumptuous is that?  Remember now that I don’t write anything unless I have the proof right in front of me.

Another example:  A good friend, the nicest kind of person, he and his good wife live by that “golden rule” every day, and they gave me a book written by Herschel H. Hobbs (1907-1995).  I never met Mr. Hobbs—He may have been just as nice as my friend.  In Mr. Hobb’s book, “The Baptist Faith and Message”, he taught on page 74 that the Greek word (Eis) means “because of”.  This is simply not true—Eis is never translated “because of” but “with a view to”.  (I’m referring to the English word “for” in Acts 2:38).

Question:  Why would my good friend say “because of”?  Answer:  I believe he trusted Mr. Hobbs.  Maybe Mr. Hobbs trusted a friend that he respected.  But be that as it may, “Eis” is never translated in the New Testament as “because of” but always “with a view to” (do something so something will happen or come about, meaning “something ahead”).

If you disagree with what I just wrote, just find one scripture that translates “Eis” as “because of” and I’ll repent and acknowledge it in the next article.

Thanks for reading and God bless!

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