About Me

About Me

I was talking to one of my grandsons the other day.  I have forgotten what we were discussing, but something Earth Shaking to a 12 year old and soon to be teenager.  I remember saying that a family, city, county, state or a nation would be better off if everyone “Would Just Use Common Sense.” (Can you remember when people use to do that?) He replied “yes, but Common Sense is not so common anymore.”

I thought now that’s pretty profound for a 12 year old.  Since that conversation with the grandson, I’ve started trying to notice examples of people using common sense.  The first one I remember was in a VA hospital waiting room. I overheard two old vets talking but wasn’t paying attention until one said, “And he told me to shut my mouth-what would you do if someone told you to shut your mouth?” Vet #2 said, “I guess it would depend on who told me to shut my mouth.” To me that made sense!

This led to another question, when did people ever get the idea that people around Washington D.C., use better Common Sense than we?  I decided THEY DON’T. After 80+ years living in several states, and a few foreign countries, I definitely believe that LOCAL people (ordinary men and women) can get their heads together and use BETTER Common Sense than the so-called experts in Washington D.C. We know more about our own communities than anyone.

Of course, it’s just my opinion, but I think we need to realize this first and then start speaking out. I know that at times people in a community get together and make decisions that turn out “not to be the best,” and we are able to correct our decisions. Take a good look at Washington. They don’t seem to find a way to correct theirs.

With these thoughts in mind, this website was created to encourage people to use Common Sense in a place where it is seldom used. That is religion. It is the purpose of this page to encourage people to turn back to their Bibles and just start using Common Sense.

Let’s STAND UP, SPEAK UP, and NEVER SHUT UP until people start using common sense! We used to say “horse sense.”