A Story From my past

A Story From my past

Are you surprised at the number of people that grew up in rural American who have and use Common Sense?  Well I’m not!  I grew up with such folks.  I have learned and say without fear of contradiction that these people have a better ‘grade’ of Common Sense than we find in Washington D.C. at times.  So don’t you be afraid to use and speak yours!

I’m going to give you an example and see how many ‘readers’ agree with me.

During those hard times of the real “depression” (1930’s), my parents moved us to California looking for work.  My folks met another family in about the same situation.  These folks were the finest kind of people.  The were honest, hard-working, honorable people. When I say “honorable”, I mean they like my mom and dad would not lie or mistreat anyone.  They actually followed the ‘golden rule’.  Our family and their family became close friends–a friendship for life.

Like my family, they were not church going people, but they were what you would call true-blue neighbors and friends.  The man and his wife were like an uncle and aunt to me and my two sisters.  Like my parents, they really loved their children.  I cannot say enough about the goodness of this family.  Their oldest son was my age (ten years old), and we became very close friends.

One day my best friend had a very painful bellyache.  These loving parents would have done any thing to relieve the pain, and they did their best.  They gave my friend a harsh laxative (Black Draught).  This was a common remedy in those days.  But unbeknownst to the parents, the boy had appendicitis. The boy died, and the doctors said it was caused by the harsh laxative.  We can only imagine the heartache and misery the good parents suffered.

Would anyone with Common Sense fault me for giving a strong warning to a neighbor who had a small child with a belly ache?  I would warn them, even if I had to shout it form the housetop. Don’t give a strong laxative to a child with a stomach ache–go to the doctor first!

(Matthew 7:13) “Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:”

If we see a neighbor or friend headed for the wide gate, should I warn them?

Next time we will deal more with a “bad” sinner in prayer.

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